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I thought that this week for activity of the week, I would look at water play and messy play. The weather has been so nice over the past week which is a great time to do water and messy play outdoors…to minimise the mess indoors!

Water play and messy play is a significant part of children’s learning and development in the Early Years as there are many benefits to this type of play. It sparks curiosity within children, develops their imagination and provides plentiful opportunities to explore. Once more, it provides opportunities to develop children communication and language skills as you introduce new words into children’s vocabulary and support them in following instructions.

Water play also develops children’s concentration and problem-solving skills as you introduce play resources that children might not necessarily be familiar with. Yet again, water play and messy play also allows for the development of motor skills and muscle development.

This week, I took to YouTube to provide you with a short video of how to recreate a water tray and messy play ideas with everyday household items. When it comes to a career in ‘Vlogging’ I am still in the apprentice stage! However, I hope these ideas help with keeping your little ones entertained!

Take care and stay safe,
Best wishes,
Jen Williams
Early Years Teacher