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Family Resources

Working Together

We want all children to feel safe and happy in an environment that is welcoming and stimulating. We believe that parents/carers are the child’s first and most important educators. Therefore, we want to ensure that a strong partnership between home and nursery is developed and maintained.

We know that in order to have the greatest benefits for the child there needs to be a positive relationship between nursery and parents and the key to this is good communication. Here at Walton Nursery & Early Years Centre we use a recording system called ‘Learning Books’. The key person will observe your child and plan through these observations. Parents will be given their own private login detail to access their child’s information and what they have been learning in Nursery. We ask parents to contribute to your child’s Learning Books as this will enable the keyperson to have a better understanding of your child’s interests at home, and introduce this in to nursery.

If there are any changes such as: phone numbers, home address etc., please let the nursery know as soon as possible. This information is extremely important in the event of an emergency.




Online Safety

For all the latest resources to support parents and help them to teach their children about online safety please visit https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/ where you can find age appropriate videos and resources to explore with your child.

Read the top tips for cyber security here.

For information on reporting a concern see our Safeguarding page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still have to pay if my child is absent?

We offer two weeks holiday per year, one at Christmas when the nursery is closed and another for parents to take through the year. Unfortunately at all other times we still have to charge as we are still incurring costs.

Do you have a waiting list?

Yes, but this varies depending on the days and age group you require. Please call or arranage a visit to discuss.

Can I increase the hours my child has at nursery?

Ask and we will accomodate changing schedules wherever possible